Vigilance Awareness Week

Vigilance Awareness week 31st October to 5th November,2016

Theme: Public participation in promoting Integrity and eradicating corruption

Integrity Pledge

We believe that corruption has been one of the major obstacles to economic, political and social progress of our country. We believe that all stakeholders such as government, citizens and the private sector, need to work together to eradicate corruption.

We acknowledge our responsibility to lead by example and the need to put in place safeguards, integrity frameworks and code of ethics to ensure that we are not part of any corrupt practices and we tackle instances of corruption with utmost strictness.

We realise that as an Organisation, we need to lead from the front in eradicating corruption and in maintaining highest standards of integrity, transparency and good governance in all aspects of our operations. We, therefore, pledge that:- We shall promote ethical business practices and foster a culture of honesty and integrity;

We commit to good corporate governance based on transparency, accountability and fairness;

We shall adhere to all relevant laws, rules and compliance mechanisms in the conduct of business;

We shall not tolerate bribery in any form or engage in any unethical business practices;

We shall adopt a code of ethics to ensure ethical behaviour of all our employees and take appropriate action for any transgressions of the code;

We shall sensitise all employees of laws, regulations etc. relevant to their work for effective discharge of their duties;

We shall provide a proper grievance redressal mechanism to raise their grievances and report suspicious activities;

We shall aspire for excellence and protecting the rights and interests of all stakeholders and the society at large.

Last updated / Reviewed : 2017-06-08